School Picnic

550/-(Village Thali)
10:00 AM and 4:00 PM


!! Greetings from Chokhi Dhani Panchkula!!
Chokhi Dhani village fair Panchkula has been the mirror of Rajasthani rich heritage culture. The
rustic look is pleasantly blended with a village fair theme as an ongoing celebration of the
heritage of Rajasthan
As per our telephonic conversation regarding your school picnic in upcoming month of May,
Details are below mentioned,


                            CLASS PACKAGE  COST      REMARKS
         Nur to 5 th ( Chokhi Dhani)       450   Minimum 100 Students     
          6 th to 8 th ( Chokhi Dhani )        475   Minimum 100 Students
         9 th to 12 th CD ( Chokhi Dhani )        525   Minimum 100 Students
            College        600   Minimum 100 Students
    Nur to 5 th ( Chokhi Dhani + Adventure Sports)        700   Minimum 100 Students
     6th to 8 th ( Chokhi Dhani + Adventure Sports )        725   Minimum 100 Students
     9th to 12 th ( Chokhi Dhani + Adventure Sports)         775   Minimum 100 Students
        College ( Chokhi Dhani + Adventure Sports )        850   Minimum 100 Students



Rajasthani Cultural Activities : Kumhar, Nat ro Khel, Kalbeliya Dance, Chaupal Nach Gan
re, Kathputali ro nach, Jadu ro Khel, Bioscope, Mehandi, Bhopa Bhopan Party .
Artistic Culture : Haldi Ghati, Jungle Devta, Cave, Bhulbhulaiya, Padmavati johar
Fun Games : ludo, Chess  
Rides : Pick Any Two Rides ( Camel ride, bullock cart ride, giant wheel ride, pirate ship
ride, toy train ride, aeroplane ride)
D.J Party


One Teacher complimentary per 20 Students

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